Pukaki Kettle Hole Track

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Explore the area around Lake Pukaki on these short walking tracks.

Track overview

Various: 200 m – 4 km

Walking and tramping

Various: 10 min - 2 hr one way Easiest: Short walk
Expert: Route

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


Pukaki Kettle Hole Track

Track category: Short Walk
Time: 1 hr
Distance: 4 km

The track passes through moraine hummocks and circles a distinct kettle hole within Pukaki Kettle Hole Scenic Reserve. The kettle hole was formed by melting glacial ice - interpretation signage on site provides information about this. The 360 degree views experienced on this track on a fine day are spectactular.

Drive up the gravel road signposted off SH8 to a designated car park area.

Pukaki Kettle Hole Track. Photo: Declan Wong.
Pukaki Kettle Hole Track

Marker Bay Track

Track category: Short Walk
Time: 20 min
Distance: 1 km

The track initially traverses an area where Lake Pukaki village once stood, before the lake levels were raised in 1979. Part of the track leads through pine trees and is a good stroll on a hot day. It's an easy walk for families with young children.

The track start is a public access easement through private land so please keep to the track.

Pukaki Boulders

Track category: Short Walk
Time: 10 min
Distance: 200 m

A short track leads up to the Pukaki boulders. These large boulders are glacial erratics deposited by the huge glacier that dominated the area over 12,000 years ago.

Access is along the Aoraki/Mt Cook Road (SH80), approximately 5 km from the SH8 turnoff. A signpost and stile is on the Lake Pukaki side of the highway.

Getting there

These short walks are around the southern end of Lake Pukaki.

Know before you go

Map: NZTopo50 BZ15 Twizel, BZ 16 Dover Pass


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