Lake Benmore

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Several enjoyable walking tracks are located near Lake Benmore in the Waitaki valley.

Track overview

4 - 5.5 km

Walking and tramping

1hr 30 min - 2 hr Easy: Walking track

Mountain biking

Easy: Grade 2

About this track


Otamatakou Scenic Reserve

Track category: Tramping Track
Time: 2 hr
Distance: 5.5 km

This walk follows Glen Creek. Follow an old farm track to the reserve which contains remnant native shrubs. These include Hebe cupressoides, matagouri, mountain wineberry, Coprosma propinqua, Corokia cotoneaster and Olearia virgata. There is no formed track within the reserve itself.

Mountain biking

Track category: Easy/Grade 2
Time: 1 hr
Distance: 5 km

It is possible to ride the public access easement through private farmland to the Otamatakou Scenic Reserve.

Otamatakou Scenic Reserve. Photo: Ursula Paul.
Mountain biking into Otamatakou Scenic Reserve

Benmore Peninsula

Track category: Walking Track
Time: 1 hr 30 min
Distance: 4 km
Dog access: Dogs on a lead can be taken along the Benmore Peninsula Track. 

This circuit track passs through an exotic forest and around a peninsula jutting out into Lake Benmore.

Benmore Peninsula.
Benmore Peninsula

Getting there

Travel along SH83 to Lake Benmore, between Otematata and Omarama.

Know before you go


  • Otamatakou Scenic Reserve - NZTopo50 CA15 Omarama
  • Benmore Peninsula - CA16 Otematata

Private property: This track crosses private land. Respect the landowner's livestock and property: stay on the marked track until you reach the conservation land, leave gates as you find them and use stiles where provided. Livestock can be unpredictable – keep your distance at all times/go around if necessary. 

No camping until the conservation area boundary.

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