Tuhua (Mayor Island) is a wildlife refuge and is administered by the Tuhua (Mayor Island) Board of Trustees. Opportunities to enjoy the island's unique character and wildlife must be pre-arranged.

Find things to do and places to stay Tuhua (Mayor Island)

Tuhua is home to many native bird and animal species which cannot survive on the mainland due to predation. Large populations of common forest birds also live on the island. Recent introductions of pateke / brown teal and the endangered orange-fronted parakeet have led to successful breeding populations on the island.

The variety of marine habitats around the island give opportunities for good snorkelling and diving. Reefs and rock stacks on the northern end of the island are protected as a marine reserve and offer good diving.

Non-commercial fishing is very popular around the island, with oceanic fish such as marlin and tuna, also snapper and kingfish in good numbers at the right time of year. Restrictions on long-lines and set nets are in place around the entire island, so please check with Ministry of Fisheries or DOC in Tauranga if you're unsure. Stay well clear of the marine reserve on the northern end of the island when fishing.

It's illegal to fish, or to disturb or remove any marine life or nature feature from the reserve.

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