Paddle boarding in Te Matuku Marine Reserve
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Te Matuku Marine Reserve protects one of Waiheke Island's largest and least disturbed estuaries, along with an area outside Te Matuku Bay in the Waiheke Channel. 

For boundaries, tide and other information download the MarineMate app.

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Te Matuku Bay is home to a variety of birdlife, including the New Zealand dotterel. Do not approach nesting birds.

A varied seabed and clear water makes Otakawhe Bay fun for snorkelling, but beware of strong currents in Waiheke Channel.

Note that water within the tidal bay is often murky and not always suitable for snorkelling.

Kayak rentals are available on the island.

Protect our marine reserves
  • No fishing of any kind.
  • Don't take or kill marine life.
  • Don't remove or disturb any marine life or materials.
  • Don't feed fish - it disturbs their natural behaviour.
  • Take care when anchoring to avoid damaging the sea floor.


Auckland information
Phone:   +64 7 867 9080
About:   Kauaeranga Visitor Centre provides visitor information for this area
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