Assess the COVID-19 risk when planning to stay in our huts and campsites.

COVID-19 is in the community and DOC has been notified of positive cases in our visitor facilities.

Visitors need to make their own decisions whether they use our huts, campsites and lodges. Visitors do not need to be vaccinated to stay in them so you may be sharing with unvaccinated people. 

Do your own risk assessment  

What to consider for yourself and your group:

  • what COVID-19 traffic light setting is the region at – Red, Orange or Green
  • will there be vulnerable or unvaccinated people in your group
  • will it be possible to sanitise hands, wear masks or keep 1 m distance from those not in the group
  • is it likely to be a busy period such as a Saturday night, or holiday weekend.

For staying in huts:

  • is it a shared hut
  • what is the capacity
  • will there be sleeping platforms or individual bunks
  • is it possible to camp outside or near a hut so tents can be carried and used if needed.

Follow COVID-19 public health guidelines

People using DOC facilities are required to:

  • follow Ministry of Health guidelines
  • sanitise or wash hands regularly
  • where practical, wear a mask and physically distance around others
  • stay at home if unwell, a close contact or isolating.

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19

COVID-19 traffic light settings

DOC's response to COVID-19

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