Caring for the environment when rafting.

Caring for the environment when rafting:

  • Always utilise recognised access (put in), egress (take out) and rest locations. If this is not possible, access and egress should occur only at locations with a robust bank or beach on which the landing and launching of rafts will have minimal impact.
  • Tying craft to trees or other vegetation should be avoided. If this is not possible, care should  be taken to minimise damage from rope movement.
  • Do not disturb riverbank vegetation as this will encourage erosion.
  • Use fuel stoves for cooking instead of campfires wherever possible.
  • To avoid transporting seeds or soil-borne pathogens keep your gear and equipment clean. Wash all soil from camping and personal equipment, vehicles and river gear before leaving home or moving between locations.
  • Take all your rubbish with you.
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