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    • Whio Journal: Going on a whio holiday
      30 March 2021
      With so many of you getting in touch with photos and anecdotes of your encounters with whio, we thought we’d end Whio Awareness Month with the story of a couple who love to mark special occasions with whio. Meet Anthony Behrens and his partner Fiona (or Whiona as he likes to call her)
    • Whio Journal: Anne Richardson – A bird-breeding pioneer
      15 March 2021
      For Whio Awareness Month we want to celebrate our whio heroes, so have dedicated this Journal to a person who has worked tirelessly to grow the population of the blue duck – the inimitable Anne Richardson. For the last 28 years, Anne has worked at The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust (ICWT) in Christchurch as the Wildlife Manager.
    • Whio Journal: Whio Fight Club
      28 September 2020
      For this edition of Whio Journal we share some amazing footage of whio fisticuffs and explain why this taonga duck species is so feisty.
    • Whio Journal: Whio thrive despite bad weather, mega-mast and global pandemic
      16 July 2020
      In this ‘Whio Journal’, we wait with bated breath for the 2020 tally of protected whio breeding pairs... Spoiler alert, it is really good!

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