Our kids photography competition for Conservation Week 2020 was all about getting our little ones to focus in on nature.


Our winners are Arka (6 years), Ryan (8 years) and Anna (12 years). Runner ups are Noah (6 years), Mishika (9 years) and Kuratea (10 years).

Huhu grup curled up in soil.
5-6 age category: Arka (6 years) "What's under this rock. Is it a huhu grub?"

Looking down on a mud crab.
7-9 age category: Ryan (8 years) "Mud crab hiding in the estuary"

Close up of pink and white flowers.
10-13 age category: Anna (12 years) "The world from a different view"


The winner of each category will have their winning photograph professionally printed in a premium photographic matte print in A2, matted and framed with UV70 glass, while the runner up of each category will receive a pair of Allbirds shoes.

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