Nicola Toki
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Nicola Toki is DOC's Threatened Species Ambassador. Her role is to raise awareness and inspire action for our threatened native plants and animals.


Telling the stories of New Zealand's native wildlife is Nicola's passion. She loves getting people as excited about giant wētā as they are about kiwi or kākāpō.

Get to know Nicola and find out why so many of our species are threatened with extinction. Learn about the not-so-cuddly critters that need our attention with Critter of the Week.






Critter of the Week

Every Friday Nicola chats to Jesse Mulligan from Radio New Zealand about the not-so-cuddly critters that need our attention.

The Rangatira spider

Rangatira spider
Rangatira spider
Image: Markanderson72 | Creative commons

11 May 2018

This spider measures up to 12 centimetres long and loves to munch on wētā. They don't use the usual method of webs to catch their food, instead they pounce. 

They are found on Rangatira island and two other islands within the Chathams. This means there is a slim chance you will ever encounter one. 

The Rangatira spider on Critter of the Week

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