Nigel Brown has been painting full-time since 1978. He has had artist residencies in Antarctica and Russia and traveled on three artist trips to Dusky Sound.


Nigel has toured four exhibitions nationwide and his artworks are held in public collections throughout New Zealand and in private collections worldwide. Nigel was awarded the ONZM in 2004.

Kākāpō: Nurture Is A Real Man's Thing, 2015
Acrylic on linen
800 x 600 mm, framed

Resulting from the Dusky Sound trip, this work uses the kākāpō as a rare and vulnerable representative of nature. The introduced black singlet figure becomes care-giver rather than axeman or shearer. The Mutton Birds’ song title gets another twist. The work suggests we can all be “anchored” by nature and conservation, and be more nuturing. The stipling of the paint relates to lichen, rocks, and vegetation.

What We Find Or Forget, 2015
Oil and acrylic on linen
1,200 x 600 mm, framed

This painting resulted from travelling to Anchor Island in Dusky Sound and setting up some small cut-outs I had prepared beforehand, on a timber slab. The photographs I took were woven into my years of work on Cook and Pacifica. I’ve consciously removed the classical British feel in the work of Hodges; some objects from Southland Museum and the Beggs also feature. The work explores memory, symbolism and discovery on both a historical and personal basis. It suggests conservation has to be seen as part of a larger picture as well as from individual consciousness.

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