Craig Potton is New Zealand’s best known landscape photographer and an ardent conservationist. In pursuit of his photography he has tramped and climbed extensively in New Zealand, its Subantarctic Islands, the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, the Nepal Himalaya, and more recently Poland, India and Iceland.


For more than four decades he has documented the New Zealand wilderness, exploring relationships between the concept of artistic beauty and wilderness in the natural world.

Dusky Sound Forest Reflections, 2015
830 x 3,090 mm, framed

My work draws attention to the interrelationship between the land and sea. Fiordland is, after all, one continuous water-cycle ecosystem. Deluged by New Zealand’s highest annual rainfall, taninstained freshwater pours into the fiords. Less dense than seawater, this fresh influx lies on the surface, its colour filtering the amount of light that penetrates into the depths. The bright yellow/ green in the abstract reflections conjure up a feeling of the forest hovering over the sea’s surface.

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