Braydon never imagined he’d get to make wildlife documentaries for a living. But whilst working as a ranger on Christmas Island, a chance conversation with a tourist set him on a journey to New Zealand’s deep south.


Braydon now works for a Dunedin-based natural history film company, NHNZ, in a role that blends research, storytelling and production. He has supplied wildlife archive material to producers from Discovery, HBO and the BBC. Braydon also works as a freelance filmmaker and fixer.


Tamatea – Art and Conservation in Dusky Sound, 2016
Short film
(13 min 39 secs)

Tamatea kick-started my career as a wildlife filmmaker, and I feel very privileged to have been out there with DOC on several occasions. To me, Tamatea represents the chance for unbridled discovery and adventure, and I try to capture those themes in my films. The monumental landscape is a bonus!

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