Takahē Catlin, Shadfax and Ehara that are going to Kahurangi National Park
Image: DOC


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    • 6 super weird facts about takahē
      03 January 2023
      Fact-shame your 'know-it-all' friends and whānau with this list of 6 super weird facts about takahē that we thought you should probably know.
    • Takahē: the challenging road to recovery
      19 November 2021
      Today marks 75 years since takahē were rediscovered in the remote Murchison Mountains. With just over half the population now living in the wild, takahē still have a number of challenges ahead of them. 
    • Hungry Takahē and Happy Ambassadors
      29 April 2021
      Have you seen a takahē before? If so, you are one very lucky person. There are just under 450 takahē on the planet, making them an endangered species! Two BLAKE Takahē Ambassadors, managed to meet around 50 of these rare birds.
    • Spoilt for Choice; Takahē Health Checks and Translocations!
      22 April 2021
      The two BLAKE DOC Takahē Ambassadors helped the Takahē Recovery Team capture 15 takahē for a large translocation to Gouland Downs in the Kahurangi National Park.

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