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Zealandia - Orange & Black

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Waiapu Road, Karori
Phone 04 920 9213

Who lives here?

T2 and Puffin retired from Mana Island to spend their golden years living the good life at ZEALANDIA. Settled in and unafraid of people, they have been a popular visitor attraction.

T2 got his unusual name from his father Snow; his aggressive nature and no fear of human's earned the nickname "Terminator". Luckily T2 is far more friendly than his father.

Keeping the romance alive, Puffin and T2 nested after arriving at ZEALANDIA but being elderly birds their eggs were no longer viable.

Puffin sadly passed away in 2017, at the ripe old age of 21.

You can catch sight of T2 in the wetland area at ZEALANDIA, especially around midday, anticipating the daily delivery of food.

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