Open to the public


Open to the public
Takahē population: 2
Year takahē were introduced: 2010

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Governed by: Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Limited

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Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
60 Hussey Road
Phone: +64 3 359 6226

Who lives here?

The takahē at Willowbank live in the 'Natural New Zealand' area. Here you will see some of our most endangered endemic species and learn about the conservation efforts to preserve them.

The takahē living at Willowbank are the male Sir Ed and female Maroro. Sir Ed the takahē arrived at Willowbank from Mana Island and has been introduced to the resident female Maroro who originally came from Maud Island.

Sir Ed and Maroro share the 2,500 square metre enclosure at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and get along very well. They have plenty of room to roam but can often be seen feeding near the front of their home.

Sir Ed and Maroro receive a supplementary feed of pellets twice a day. Although they have lots of grass, the pellets are a favourite so this can be the best time to spot the birds. Feeds are normally carried out at around 10:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Ask a staff member if you cannot find the takahē and they may be able to help you spot them!

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