Located in Taupō this golf course and sanctuary is open to the public.


Takahē population: 4
Year introduced: 2015

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Governed by: Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary


Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary is a privately-owned sanctuary in Taupo, combining a world-class golf course within a 5 km pest excluding fence.

The Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary provides opportunities for many golfers to encounter takahē during their round. 

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Takahē that lives here

In 2012, an agreement was established between Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary and DOC to work cooperatively together to make the most of conservation and restoration opportunities within the sanctuary which is protected by a 5 km predator-proof fence around the perimeter. Takahē were introduced to Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary in March 2015.

Hauhanga and Matariki bred successfully during the first breeding season, resulting in Sammie who was last tracked alive and well in the wild population in the Murchison Mountains near Te Anau.

More birds have been introduced in 2019 and currently, Aparima is paired with Miharo while Larivee and Grant roam the course separately. A total of 6 takahē make this one of the more unique takahe spotting opportunities in the country.

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