This sanctuary is located in Auckland and is open to the public.


Takahē population: 8
Year introduced: 2014

Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc logo

Governed by: Auckland Council and the Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary Supporters Inc. (TOSSI)

Located a 90-minute drive north of Auckland the sanctuary encompasses the Tāwharanui Peninsula and is currently home to 8 takahē.

The vision for Tāwharanui is an open sanctuary where visitors can freely experience a representative range of natural communities that would have originally been present on the Tāwharanui Peninsula. Part of this vision is to restore South Island takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri) at Tāwharanui as an ecological surrogate for the extinct North Island takahē (Porphyrio mantelli).

The sanctuary maintains an environment with low pest numbers behind a 2.5 km Xcluder pest-proof fence running from coast to coast across the peninsula near the park boundary. Core predators (cats, dogs and mustelids) have been eradicated from Tāwharanui. There are reliable and proven measures are in place to detect and quickly remove any incursions.

The takahē population at Tāwharanui is young, with the first founding birds Maaka, Douglas, Pleides and Te Mingi producing the first juvenile named Tuakana during the 2016/17 season.

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