Orokonui Ecosanctuary is a biodiversity project in the South Island where multiple species of plants and animals are protected from predators. It's open to the public.

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Orokonui Ecosanctuary
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Takahē that lives here

Quammen and Paku had been retired from the breeding programme, but that hasn't stopped them building nests and laying eggs.

Quammen came to Orokonui from Maud Island where he and his mate had produced 18 eggs, but none of them hatched. Paku came from Kapiti Island where over many years trying she had only produced one chick. That chick was Kawa, who now lives at the Te Anau Wildlife Centre.

However, since being paired together at Orokunui, Quammen (thought to be infertile) and Paku have produced fertile eggs and offspring since 2016. Possibly nearing retirement now due to their age, this may be their last year of being productive.

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