Find Tongariro Alpine Crossing booking system information for concessionaires.

Concessionaires have an important role as we make changes to better manage the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. DOC will provide support to all concessionaires as you navigate the new process.

Concessionaires won’t need to set up any systems to support bookings. They will only need to check that their customers have a DOC booking.  

Guiding and transport operators can make bookings on behalf of their customers if needed.

Make a booking for a customer to use any part of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

Requirements for new concessions

Any concession granted for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing will include new requirements. The requirements focus on safety, managing visitor flow and cultural awareness.

These will start to come into effect in 2024.

The conditions that concessionaires must follow will linclude:

  • Concessionaires must ensure their customers have made a booking with DOC for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This includes for any activity they are doing which uses any part of the track.
  • Concessionaires may make bookings into the DOC system on behalf of their customers.
  • Concessionaires must follow DOC’s Passenger Service Vehicle requirements.
  • Concessionaires must follow hazardous weather alerts provided by NIWA.
  • Concessionaires must follow any closures or restrictions issued by DOC. This could be due to changes in volcanic unrest activity having an increased risk to public safety.
  • Concessionaires will not be permitted to operate for a fixed time after a fatality on the mountain. All visitors will be encouraged to show respect by staying off the maunga.
  • All concessionaires, their employees and contractors must complete a one-day cultural wānanga. This will include:
    • learning about the cultural significance of Tongariro,
    • safety in this alpine / volcanic environment for visitors,
    • how to communicate messages to visitors about caring for this special place.
  • All concessionaires must pay a $3 per visitor Community Contribution Charge, to be paid to DOC. Concessionaires can add this to their customer’s fee.
  • All concessionaires should drop off walkers, or begin guiding, from Mangatepopo and end at Ketetahi for Tongariro Alpine Crossing walkers.

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