A helping hand to link the species' names using Tony Jewell's photographic guide with the nomenclature used in the Atlas on this site.

The following table cross references the scientific and common names used in Tony Jewell's Photographic guide to reptiles & amphibians of New Zealand, 2008 with the nomenclature used in the Atlas. 

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Cross reference of species names

Tony Jewell 2008DOC and Herpetofauna database
PageCommon nameScientific nameCommon nameScientific name
20 Harlequin Gecko Genus A: rakiurae Harlequin Gecko Hoplodactylus rakiurae
20 Harlequin Gecko Genus A: rakiurae Harlequin Gecko Tukutuku rakiurae
21 Yellow-lipped Gecko Naultinus sp. 1 North Cape Green Gecko Naultinus "North Cape Green Gecko"
22 Gray's Gecko Naultinus grayii Northland Green Gecko Naultinus grayii
23 Elegant Gecko Naultinus elegans elegans Auckland Green Gecko Naultinus elegans 
24 Barking Gecko Naultinus elegans punctatus Wellington Green Gecko Naultinus punctatus
25 Manuka Gecko Naultinus manukanus Marlborough Green Gecko Naultinus manukanus
26 Rough Gecko Naultinus rudis Rough Gecko Naultinus rudis
27 Starred Gecko Naultinus stellatus Nelson Green Gecko Naultinus stellatus
28 Mossy Gecko Naultinus tuberculatus West Coast Green Gecko Naultinus tuberculatus
29 Jewelled Gecko Naultinus gemmeus Jewelled Gecko Naultinus gemmeus
31 Ngahere Gecko Genus B: silvestris Southern North Island Forest Gecko Mokopirirakau "Southern North Island"
32 Forest Gecko Genus B: granulatus Forest Gecko Mokopirirakau granulatus
34 Cupola Gecko Genus B: sp. 1 Cupola Basin Gecko Mokopirirakau "Cupola"
35 Okarito Gecko Genus B: sp. 2 Okarito Forest Gecko Mokopirirakau "Okarito"
36 Open Bay Islands Gecko Genus B: sp. 3 Open Bay Islands Gecko Mokopirirakau "Open Bay Islands"
37 Cascade Gecko Genus B: sp. 4 Cascades Forest Gecko Mokopirirakau "Cascades"
38 Blue-eyed Gecko Genus B: sp. 5 Southern Forest Gecko Mokopirirakau "Southern Forest"
39 Orange-spotted Gecko Genus B: sp. 6 Roys Peak Gecko Mokopirirakau "Roys Peak"
40 Takitimu Gecko Genus B: cryptozoicus Takitimus Gecko Mokopirirakau cryptozoicus
41 Cloudy Gecko Genus B: nebulosus Cloudy Gecko Mokopirirakau nebulosus
42 Black-eyed Gecko Genus B: kahutarae Black-eyed Gecko Mokopirirakau kahutarae
43 Striped Gecko Genus B: stephensi Coromandel Striped Gecko Toropuku stephensi Coromandel populations
43 Striped Gecko Genus B: stephensi Cook Strait Striped Gecko Toropuku stephensi Cook Strait populations
44 Matapia Gecko Hoplodactylus sp. 1 Matapia Gecko Dactylocnemis "Matapia"
45 Northcape Gecko Hoplodactylus sp. 2 North Cape Pacific Gecko Dactylocnemis "North Cape"
46 Pacific Gecko Hoplodactylus pacificus Pacific Gecko Dactylocnemis pacificus
47 Mokohinau Gecko Hoplodactylus sp. 3 Mokohinaus Gecko Dactylocnemis "Mokohinaus"
48 Poor Knights Gecko Hoplodactylus sp. 4 Poor Knights Gecko Dactylocnemis "Poor Knights"
49 Three Kings Gecko Hoplodactylus sp. 5 Three Kings Gecko Dactylocnemis "Three Kings"
50 Duvaucel's Gecko Woodworthia duvauceli Duvaucel's Gecko Hoplodactylus duvaucelii
52 Matua Gecko Woodworthia maculatus Common Gecko Woodworthia maculatus
53 Brown Gecko Woodworthia brunneus Canterbury Gecko Woodworthia brunneus
54 Pygmy Gecko Woodworthia sp. 1 Pygmy Gecko Woodworthia "Pygmy"
55 Minimac Gecko Woodworthia sp. 2 Marlborough Mini Gecko Woodworthia "Marlborough Mini"
56 Kaikoura Gecko Woodworthia sp. 3 Kaikouras Gecko Woodworthia "Kaikouras"
57 Kahurangi Gecko Woodworthia sp. 4 Mount Arthur Gecko Woodworthia "Mount Arthur"
58 Southern Alps Gecko Woodworthia sp. 5 Southern Alps Gecko Woodworthia "Southern Alps"
59 Schist Gecko Woodworthia sp. 6 Central Otago Gecko Woodworthia "Central Otago"
60 Kawarau Gecko Woodworthia sp. 7 Cromwell Gecko Woodworthia "Cromwell Gorge"
61 Danseys Pass Gecko Woodworthia sp. 8 Large Otago Gecko Woodworthia "Otago/Southland"
62 Korero Gecko Woodworthia sp. 9 Large Otago Gecko Woodworthia "Otago/Southland"
65 Goldstripe Gecko Woodworthia chrysosireticus Goldstripe Gecko Woodworthia chrysosireticus
66 Short-toed Gecko Woodworthia sp. 10 Southern Mini Gecko Woodworthia "Southern Mini"
67 Chevron Skink Oligosoma homalonatum Chevron Skink Oligosoma homalonotum
68 Diving Skink Oligosoma suteri Egg-laying Skink Oligosoma suteri
69 Littoral Skink Oligosoma acrinasum Fiordland Skink Oligosoma acrinasum
70 Sinbad Skink Oligosoma sp. 1 Sinbad Skink Oligosoma pikitanga
71 Barrier Skink Oligosoma sp. 2 Barrier Skink Oligosoma judgei
72 Grand Skink Oligosoma grande Grand Skink Oligosoma grande
74 Scree Skink Oligosoma waimatense Scree Skink Oligosoma waimatense
75 Otago Skink Oligosoma otagense Otago Skink Oligosoma otagense
76 Green Skink Oligosoma chloronoton Green Skink Oligosoma chloronoton
79 Lakes Skink Oligosoma sp. 3 Oligosoma "West Otago"  Oligosoma aff. chloronoton "West Otago" 
80 Mackenzie Skink Oligosoma sp. 4 Spotted Skink "Mackenzie Basin" Oligosoma aff. lineoocellatum "Mackenzie Basin"
81 Spotted Skink Oligosoma lineoocellatum Spotted Skink Oligosoma lineoocellatum
82 Long-toed Skink Oligosoma longipes Long-toed Skink Oligosoma longipes
83 Rangitata Skink Oligosoma sp. 5 Rangitata Skink Oligosoma "Rangitata"
84 McCann's Skink Oligosoma maccanni McCann's Skink Oligosoma maccanni
86 Small-eared Skink Oligosoma stenotis Small-eared Skink Oligosoma stenotis
87 Southern Skink Oligosoma notosaurus Southern Skink Oligosoma notosaurus
88 Cryptic Skink Oligosoma inconspicuum Cryptic Skink Oligosoma inconspicuum
89 Te Kakahu Skink Oligosoma sp. 6 Te Kakahu Skink Oligosoma tekakahu
90 Big Bay Skink Oligosoma sp. 7 Big Bay Skink Oligosoma "Big Bay"
91 Mahogany Skink Oligosoma sp. 8 Big Bay Skink Oligosoma "Big Bay"
92 Common Skink Oligosoma polychroma Common Skink Oligosoma polychroma
94 Cobble Skink Oligosoma sp. 9 Speckled Skink Oligosoma infrapunctatum
95 Speckled Skink Oligosoma infrapunctatum Speckled Skink Oligosoma infrapunctatum
96 Crenulate Skink Oligosoma sp. 10 Speckled Skink Oligosoma infrapunctatum
97 Paparoa Skink Oligosoma sp. 11 Speckled Skink Oligosoma infrapunctatum
98 Chesterfield Skink Oligosoma sp. 12 Speckled Skink Oligosoma infrapunctatum
99 Taumaka Skink Oligosoma taumakae Open Bay Islands Skink Oligosoma taumakae
100 Falla's Skink Oligosoma fallai Three Kings Skink Oligosoma fallai
101 Chathams Skink Oligosoma nigriplantare Chatham Islands Skink Oligosoma nigriplantare
102 Shore Skink Oligosoma smithii Shore Skink Oligosoma smithii
103 Tatahi Skink Oligosoma sp. 13 Shore Skink Oligosoma smithi
104 Small-scaled Skink Oligosoma microlepis Small-scaled Skink Oligosoma microlepis
105 Striped Skink Oligosoma striatum Striped Skink Oligosoma striatum
106 Moko Skink Oligosoma moco Moko Skink Oligosoma moco
107 Whirinaki Skink Oligosoma sp. 14 Whirinaki Skink Oligosoma "Whirinaki"
108 Brown Skink Oligosoma zelandicum Brown Skink Oligosoma zelandicum
109 Copper Skink Cyclodina aenea Copper Skink Oligosoma aeneum
110 Slight Skink Cyclodina sp. 1 Slight Skink Oligosoma levidensum
111 Hardy's Skink Cyclodina sp. 2 Hardy's Skink Oligosoma hardyi
112 Aorangi Skink Cyclodina sp. 3 Ornate Skink Oligosoma ornatum
113 Ornate Skink Cyclodina ornata Ornate Skink Oligosoma ornatum
114 Manawha Skink Cyclodina sp. 4 Ornate Skink Oligosoma ornatum
115 Whitaker's Skink Cyclodina whitakeri Whitaker's Skink Oligosoma whitakeri
116 Marbled Skink Cyclodina pachysomaticum  Marbled Skink Oligosoma oliveri 
117 Mokohinau Skink Cyclodina sp. 5 Towns' Skink Oligosoma townsi
118 Oliver's Skink Cyclodina oliveri  Marbled Skink Oligosoma oliveri 
119 Robust Skink Cyclodina alani Robust Skink Oligosoma alani
120 McGregor's Skink Cyclodina macgregori McGregor's Skink Oligosoma macgregori
121 Rainbow Skink Lampropholis delicata Rainbow Skink Lampropholis delicata

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