Milestones and progress of Project Island Song as of 2019.

Motuarohia/Roberton Island

  • Restoration started by Mike Alexander in the 1970s, who planted 200,000 native trees.
  • Approximately 30 kiwi live here – this population came from 3 founder birds brought to Motuarohia in the 1980s.
  • 40 pōpokotea (whitehead) returned as part of Project Island Song in 2015. The birds came from Tiritiri Matangi.
  • Moho pererū (banded rail) and (miromiro) North Island tomtit are recovering well since the eradication.
  • Ōi (grey-faced petrel) nest around the cliffs.

Moturua Island

  • Around 60 kiwi live here – the population came from 10 founder birds brought to Moturua in the mid-1980s.
  • Project Island Song volunteers have planted 4270 trees on Moturua.
  • 43 toutouwai (North Island robin) were returned to Moturua in 2014.
  • 40 tīeke (North Island saddleback) returned to Moturua in 2015. Half came from Mauimua Island in the Hen and Chicken group, the other half from Tiritiri Matangi.
  • Forest birds – tūī, miromiro, tauhou (silvereye), riroriro (grey warbler), pīwaiwaka (fantail), ruru (morepork) are doing well after the pest eradication.
  • Ōi nest around the cliffs.
  • Pōpokotea were reintroduced in 2016.
  • Kākāriki (red-crowned parakeets) reintroduced in June 2017.

 Urupukapuka Island

  • Project Island Song volunteers have planted 11,300 trees including the rare plant kowhai ngutuka (kaka beak).
  • 12 pāteke (brown teal) were returned in 2012.
  • 40 tīeke were returned to Urupukapuka in 2015.
  • Forest birds – tūī, miromiro, tauhou, riroriro, pīwaiwaka, ruru are doing well after the pest eradication.
  • Campers report seeing baby weka on the island – but in fact these are moho pererū .
  • Ōi nest around the cliffs.
  • Pōpokotea and toutouwai, reintroduced in 2016, are now breeding successfully.

Waewaetorea Island

  • Volunteers have planted 11,500 trees since 2003.

Okahu Island

  • Ideal seabird breeding habitat.
  • We’re leaving nature to do what it does best on Okahu.

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