This group identifies and prioritises research to help manage Māui dolphin recovery and conservation.

The Māui dolphin Research Advisory Group (Māui RAG), jointly convened by the Department of Conservation and the Ministry for Primary Industries, is a research advisory group focused on identifying and prioritising research for Māui dolphins that will help inform management decisions for their recovery and continued conservation.


The recovery and continued protection of the Māui dolphin population will be achieved through informed management decisions underpinned by robust scientific research.


Through this Research Advisory Group, a Māui dolphin Research Strategy is currently being drafted. The research strategy document will outline the research priorities for Māui dolphins that will address key information gaps in the lead up to the next Hector’s and Māui dolphin Threat Management Plan review, scheduled to take place 2018.

Terms of Reference

Download the Māui dolphin Research Advisory Group Terms of Reference (PDF, 182K)


Māui RAG-Stakeholder will seek to:

  • discuss and develop research prioritisation criteria;
  • apply the research prioritisation criteria to identity research priorities, drawing on the list of research needs outlined in the Māui dolphin Threat Management Plan (TMP), but expanded to include participant suggestions;
  • incorporate wider stakeholder feedback into the research prioritisation process;
  • propose timelines for prioritised research that may be undertaken (or may begin) over the following year; and
  • undertake a progress review of relevant research and activities completed in the previous year.

Māui RAG-Technical will, as necessary, seek to:

  • design and evaluate the feasibility of specific research projects prioritised by Māui RAG-Stakeholder;
  • utilise expertise from appropriate researchers on a case-by-case basis to advise Māui RAG-Stakeholder;
  • inform Māui RAG-Stakeholder of the feasibility of prioritised research projects; and 
  • review project descriptions for any prioritised research projects that are evaluated as feasible to enable such projects to be commissioned by the Department of Conservation, Ministry for Primary Industries or other organisations.

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