This pest management project protects a wide range of native flora and fauna in the iconic Matukituki Valley. It will benefit native species, ecosystems and recreational users.

Project area

The initial focus of the Matukituki Valley Protection Project will be the West Matukituki Valley however this will be expanded to include the East Matukituki and the lower catchment of the valley as a whole.

Project aims

  • Minimise the predator population in the valley
  • Restore the native species under threat. 
  • Enhance the experience of those visiting the valley.  
  • Raise the profile of the site as a Gateway to Mt Aspiring National Park
  • Encourage others to undertake similar projects in the community.

Project tasks

Extend the valley’s predator trap lines to provide a better level of protection to the core area of South Island robin habitat, provide extra protection to whio and, possibly, to braided river birds. 

Review the existing stoat control regime and assess whether a different trapline layout and intensity is required. 

Initiate beech seed fall monitoring, in order to better predict the onset and timing of beech-mast events and subsequent rodent and stoat plagues.

Undertake poisoning operations throughout the valley during rat plague years. Aerial operations are regarded as the most cost-effective tool available for rodent control in beech forest ecosystems, as well as effectively controlling possums and stoats.

Monitor and if necessary undertake sustained possum control. This situation could occur if there is a long interval between beech mast events.


The Matukituki Valley Protection Project is a joint partnership between the Matukituki Charitable Trust and the Department of Conservation.  The Trust has committed to ensuring funding until at least 2023.

The Mountain Film Unit (Queenstown) is also a sponsor.

How to get involved

Without public support, together with volunteers, and the help of donations, conservation projects like this are not always possible.

To find out more about the Matukituki Valley Protection Project or the Matukituki Charitable Trust on how you can get involved contact:

Kerie Uren
Community Ranger kaitiaki - Ao Hāpori

Central Otago District Office
Ardmore Street
Wanaka 9305

PO Box 93
Wanaka 9343 

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