Boundary Stream Mainland Island, located on the eastern flanks of the Maungaharuru Range, is home to a number of threatened native species.

A special place

The New Zealand native plant kakabeak.
The NZ native plant kakabeak

  • It has a diversity of habitats for native wildlife as reflected in the wide range of plants, animals and interesting invertebrates
  • Threatened plants such as kakabeak and yellow-flowered mistletoe
  • A diverse range of native birds.
  • The scenic 58 metre Shine Falls, highest waterfall in Hawke's Bay
  • A diversity of recreation and education opportunities
  • A record of flora and fauna from the late 1800s.

Nature restoration features

  • Control of introduced plants and mammals
  • Monitoring of forest health and scientific research
  • Re-establishing native plants and animals
  • Maintaining and upgrading recreational facilities
  • Providing interpretation and publications.

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