The Great Living Legends Muck-In. Living Legends. Where the field meets the forest.

Image: DOC


Living Legends was a community conservation project coordinating 17 native tree planting projects throughout New Zealand from 2011-2015.

The Great Living Legends Muck-In.

Living Legends made a five year investment to plant a total of 170,000 native trees by 2015.

It gave everyone the chance to help improve some of New Zealand's special landscapes.

Each planting project was dedicated to a rugby legend, someone who has made a huge contribution to rugby in New Zealand.

A nationwide planting project of this scale will benefit New Zealanders for years to come as trees play an important role in moderating our climate, improving our air quality, controlling floodwaters and providing homes for native wildlife.

Living Legends was a partnership between Project Crimson, the Tindall Foundation, DOC and Meridian. Community conservation groups, iwi and regional councils were also involved in Living Legends.

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