Rataka Taiao makes it quick and easy for Jobs for Nature employers to keep track of the number of people employed each day and record the work they achieved.

Rataka Taiao, which means Nature’s Diary, is a mobile phone application that helps projects to collect information for reporting progress on the Jobs for Nature programme.

Reporting is required

The Government has invested $1.245 billion in nature-based work. Reporting is a legislative requirement that enables us to ensure the funding package is delivered effectively to create employment opportunities and deliver tangible conservation benefits to New Zealand.

Rataka Taiao makes reporting easy

  • The app enables recording of work and time at frequent intervals. This means that reporting is not an onerous task at the time of quarterly reporting, instead reporting becomes a quick task done regularly and is more accurate.
  • The app is designed to be used by people who know what is happening in the field, with the task of reporting being spread amongst many people. Collecting data in this manner means that not only is data more accurate, but also reporting does not fall to a single person.
  • The app makes it easy for the programme to manage the data and see progress in real time, meaning that projects can stay on top of the work programme and track

Rataka Taiao is a digital survey

Rataka Taiao is a survey within the app Survey 123 that contains a series of questions for the person entering the data to answer.  There are two surveys:

  • People Survey – collects information on the number of people and hours worked. This should be completed daily. This information calculates Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs).
  • Outputs survey – collects information on the work achieved. This should be completed weekly, or sooner if the work is achieved earlier.

The surveys can be completed on a mobile phone (with the Survey123 app) or on a computer through the website. We recommend using the phone app due to the flexibility to do this at any location, and because data can be entered with or without connectivity. However, note that mobile coverage is required to sync/submit the data.  

Who in your project should use Rataka Taiao

Fieldwork supervisors have detailed knowledge of their field team tasks and hours.  They are best placed to provide the reporting. 

People not in a field team also need to have their hours of work represented. They can complete it as an individual or by someone else who has knowledge of their hours.

Our goal is that all work people and job hours are captured for each project. Reporting this work helps the Jobs for Nature programme justify spend and may help projects with their application for more funding.

How to get Rataka Taiao

If your project has an assigned Te Papa Atawhai Relationship Holder, ask them about Rataka Taiao/Nature’s Diary in the first instance. Otherwise, you can email for more information.


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