Projects are assessed using an investment framework developed by the Jobs for Nature Reference Group.

Investment framework

The Jobs for Nature Reference Group has developed an investment framework. This framework is used to help guide funding decisions.


Projects will be assessed on:

  • the number of jobs created or retained
  • the types of formal training and skills development offered to employees with recognition given to NZQA certifications
  • how the project creates value for iwi, hapū, and whānau
  • the extent to which indigenous biodiversity will be restored and the likelihood of these benefits being sustained over time
  • project financials and a proven delivery track record – demonstrating the required capability to deliver the project
  • the associated social and economic benefits of the project to nearby communities and the wider region  

In addition, recognition will be given to projects that:

  • demonstrate a partnership with MSD and/or iwi to identify potential employees
  • demonstrate an opportunity to scale up employment in future phases of the project
  • target the rangatahi/youth workforce
  • receive non-Crown co-funding from project partners
  • deliver climate change co-benefits
  • trial innovative approaches in delivery
  • can commence employment within two months of funding being approved.


If you need help to understand if your project meets the requirements, contact us.


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