Read about the history, fabric and cultural aspects of Waipoua Forest Lookout Tower, an actively managed historic site, as well as management recommendations.

Read a historic heritage assessment including history and fabric description of Mangonui Courthouse Historic Reserve, an actively managed historic site. The assessment also includes cultural connections, national context, historic significance, fabric significance, and management history and recommendations.

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Waipoua Forest Lookout Tower. Photo: M. Goddard.
Waipoua Forest Lookout Tower 
Waipoua Forest Lookout Tower historic heritage assessment (PDF, 1,878 K)


Contents include:

  • Site overview
  • History description
  • Fabric description
  • Cultural connections
  • National context
  • Historic significance
  • Fabric significance
  • Cultural significance
  • Management recommendations
  • Management history
  • Management documentation
  • Sources
  • Appendix 1 (documents)
  • Appendix 2 (images)
  • Endnotes

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Melina Goddard
Published by the Department of Conservation


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