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Strategic plan and annual report

Project River Recovery Strategic Plan 2012-2019
This document describes the long-term vision, guiding principles and strategic approach for Project River Recovery.

Project River Recovery Annual Report
This report summarises Project River Recovery’s progress towards its six key objectives as identified in its Strategic Plan.

Other reports

The results of research and management work that Project River Recovery has undertaken or funded are reported in various DOC reports and publications, scientific papers and student theses. Most of these reports and  publications are not yet available on this website. For more information contact the Te Manahuna/Twizel DOC office.

Project River Recovery bibliography 1991–2007
This bibliography lists all reports, theses, diplomas, DOC publications and scientific papers that were produced or supported by Project River Recovery between 1991 and July 2007.

The vegetation of braided rivers in the upper Waitaki basin
This study describes the plant communities of  braided river systems in the upper Waitaki River and some of the factors influencing their distribution.


A range of braided river information resources is available:

International reviews

Reviews of Project River Recovery’s work have been published in international journals:

Caruso, B.S. 2006. Project River Recovery: restoration of braided gravel-bed river habitat in New Zealand high country. Environmental Management 37(6): 840-861.

Caruso, B.S. 2006. Effectiveness of braided, gravel-bed river restoration in the Upper Waitaki Basin, New Zealand. River Research and Applications 22: 905-922.

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