Overlooking the lakes from the Ketetahi Track on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing at sunrise.
Image: Jimmy Johnson | DOC


DOC-published stories, research and reports on climate change work and impacts in New Zealand.


Climate change impacts on our native wildlife.
News article by Erica Willkinson, Acting Threatened Species Ambassador, and Sam Parsons, DOC Climate change adaption programme lead. Published in The Guardian, 22 January 2020

Marine climate change.
Blog by Hannah Hendriks-Berendsen, DOC Marine Species Technical Advisor, 4 March 2020.

Southland's Waituna Lagoon vulnerable to changing climate.
DOC media release, 19 December 2019.

Blog posts

What the floods in Fiordland showed us about climate change.
DOC blog post, 2 July 2020.



Adapting to a changing climate: a proposed framework for the conservation of terrestrial native biodiversity in New Zealand (PDF, 560K).
Christie, 2014, DOC science and technical publication.

Potential effects of climate change on New Zealand's terrestrial biodiversity and policy recommendations for mitigation, adaptation and research (PDF, 726K).
McGlone and Walker, 2011, Science for Conservation, 312.

Freshwater and marine

Impacts and implications of climate change on Waituna Lagoon (PDF, 9,081K).
Tait and Pearce, 2019, Science for conservation, 335.

Risk-exposure assessment of DOC coastal locations to flooding from the sea (PDF, 5,828K).
Tait, 2019, Science for Conservation 332.

Freshwater conservation in a changing climate (PDF, 2,687K).
Proceedings of a workshop hosted by the DOC, 10 - 11 December 2013.

The impact of climate change on the archaeology of New Zealand's coastline: a case study from the Whangarei District (PDF, 1,517K).
Bickler, Clough and Macready, 2013, Science for Conservation, 322.


Climate change

Climate change assessment for Aoraki Mount Cook National Park: Climate change risk assessment and adaption plan for Tasman Glacier huts (PDF, 1,383K).
Parsons, Christie and Macara, 2014. DOC report.

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