Obtaining Level 3 certification comes with extra privileges and responsibilities.

When applying for Level 3 certification, the operator acknowledges the following privileges and responsibilities.

  • Ordering of metal and colour bands. You may only order bands for species for which you hold Level 3 certification. Banding Office price list (PDF, 1013K)  and Banding Office order form (DOC, 136K)
  • Upon receiving bands checking that the quality is acceptable – bands are symmetrical, no duplicates, numbers are legible, etc.
  • The standards and details of 'best practice' outlined in the NZNBBS Bird Bander’s Manual are followed.
  • All banding adheres to the conditions specified in the relevant Wildlife Act authorisation.
  • Birds are to be captured and bands used only by the Level 3 bander that was issued the bands. However, a certified Level 2 bander may band independently but under the authority of the Level 3 bander. In this case, a Level 3 bander needs to sign their training log. And, a Level 1 trainee bander may band under the direct supervision of the Level 3 bander. A Level 3 bander needs to sign their training log.
  • Training of Level 1 trainee and Level 2 competent banders/mist-netters.
  • Signing bander training logs and providing an endorsement for certification applications.
  • Banding schedules are to be submitted to the NZNBBS for all issued bands, as well as an annual stocktake of bands not used. How to submit banding data.
  • Unused bird bands and bands removed from birds are not to be passed onto anyone else without the knowledge and permission of the NZNBBS.
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