Colour banding projects survey: Bird banding


Fill out this online survey to help us collate information about projects that mark birds using colour bands/marks.

Colour bands on birds enable individual identification, using binoculars, telescopes or cameras, without needing to recapture the bird.

The New Zealand National Bird Banding Scheme (NZNBBS) is collating information on colour banding projects to improve recording and reporting of colour-banded birds. See South African and European examples.

Birders, banders, and anyone who has reported a colour-banded bird are invited to complete the survey.

Fill in as much information as you can regarding a single (past or current) bird banding project in New Zealand. For additional projects, complete the form again. 

What is your involvement in bird colour banding projects?

Name of institution coordinating colour banding project
Name of project manager
Names of banders involved in the project
Region(s) - tick all that are applicable

Species group
Type of colour band/mark

Colours used
If you use a colour provide the letter(s) used to denote each colour eg Black=K
Colour band supplier

Colour band/mark position

Number of bands per position
Project time-span
Any other information
Contact details
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