Colour banding feedback survey: Bird banding


Fill out this online survey to help us obtain information about colour banding of birds.

The aim of this survey is to obtain information on your personal insights, preferences and 'gut-feel' regarding the suitability and shortcomings of different colour band types, materials, colours, attachments and suppliers.

Anyone with experience in applying and/or recording colour-bands is invited to complete the survey.

For each question, provide advantages versus disadvantages for one or more options of that particular aspect of colour banding.

For example: Band type: Engraved butt band (alpha-numeric)

  • Advantages: Unique number per bird, readable using binoculars, telescope or camera
  • Disadvantages: Reduces colour options, number not always readable.

What is your involvement in bird colour banding projects?

Types of colour band/mark - select all that you will discuss below

Advantages/preferences: type of colour band
Disadvantages/shortcomings: type of colour band
Colours of colour bands/marks compared

Advantages/preferences: colours
Disadvantages/shortcomings: colours
Material of colour bands/marks compared

Advantages/preferences: material
Disadvantages/shortcomings: material
Glueing/soldering of colour bands/marks compared
Advantages/preferences: glue/solder
Disadvantages/shortcomings: glue/solder
Suppliers of colour bands/marks compared

Discuss aspects such as cost, payment methods, turnaround time, quality of product, size variation, etc.
Advantages/preferences: suppliers
Disadvantages/shortcomings: suppliers
Any other information
Provide any other insight/experience regarding colour bands, such as the best placement of bands, band combinations, internal diameters, longevity, fading, reporting of colours, etc.
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