View an infographic showing information about tools used to manage pest populations.

Tools used to manage pest populations.

View a larger version of this infographic in Battle for our Birds brochure (PDF, 2,100K).

The infographic shows:

  • 1080 is biodegradable, breaks down quickly in the environment and does not leave permanent residues in water, soil, plants or animals. The active component occurs naturally in many plants found in Australia, South America and Africa as a defence against browsing animals
  • 4-6 baits are dropped in an area the size of a tennis court
  • 10% of public conservation land will be treated with 1080 during this mast
  • no traces of 1080 have been found in reticulated water supplies. Since 2008 more than 530 water samples from drinking water catchments and other water bodies have been analysed. Operations pose no risk to water supplies
  • 550 kiwi have been monitored throughout 1080 operations since 1990
  • no kiwi have died as a result of 1080 poisoning. 
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