View an infographic about the effects of introduced predators in New Zealand and the success of a 2014 aerial pest control operation.

Effects of introduced predators on native species.

View a larger version of this infographic in Battle for our Birds brochure (PDF, 3,713K).

The infographic shows:

25 million is a conservative estimate of the number of native birds killed by predators like possums, stoats and rats each year.

In winter 2014 DOC carried out 27 aerial pest control operations over 600,000 ha across the South Island.

Results from the 2014 pest control operation in the Dart valley:

  • rat control leads to 89% nesting success for mohua
  • seed falls in summer and rat numbers rise to threaten nesting birds and hijack resources in the forest
  • rapid knock-down of rat numbers also reduces the threat of stoats and allows native birds to breed.
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