Juvenile North Island robin

Image: Janice McKenna | ©


Battle for our Birds is DOC's successful national predator control programme that protects our most at-risk native wildlife and forests on conservation land around New Zealand.


Our native species are fighting for their survival from the onslaught of introduced predators such as rats, stoats and possums.

Each year DOC targets predator control to protect the populations of birds, bats, giant land snails, plants and forests most at risk. This work may be part of a regular pest control cycle, or in response to rising predator levels e.g. where forests have seeded fuelling rising rodent numbers. 

DOC uses a range of methods to control predators—manual and self-resetting traps, ground-laid toxins and aerially applied biodegradable 1080. The most effective method is chosen for each site based on local conditions and the species or forests to be protected.

Aerial 1080 is the most effective large-scale pest control tool we currently have, and our monitoring shows it’s successful in protecting our vulnerable wildlife and allowing native birds to produce more chicks to build their populations.

See pesticide summaries for up-to-date information about areas where pesticides, including 1080, has been used or is being planned for.

Success from predator control

DOC monitors results for some native species as well as rodent, possum and stoat numbers to measure the effectiveness of our predator control.

See these case studies:

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