Volunteers are urgently needed to help to clear rubbish from the Fox River, following the collapse of Fox landfill in late March.


We are aiming to complete the clean-up by early August to avoid the spring floods. If rubbish is not removed by then, it will be washed out to sea where it will have a catastrophic impact on wildlife.


Fitness level: Moderate to high level of fitness – able to walk over uneven terrain and continually bend/crouch to pick up rubbish for up to 6 hours per day.

Time commitment: Can commit to 2 or more days in a row, with a maximum of 5 days out of every 7.

You can help

If you can't volunteer, you can still help by spreading the word, donating transport resources to shift volunteers, or making a donation.

What to expect

Meet each morning at 8:30 am in front of the Fox Glacier DOC Office. The office is a few minutes walk from where you'll be staying.

Transport from the DOC Office to the work site is provided.

During the day you will pick up rubbish, have lunch on site, then return to the DOC office by 4:00 pm.

What you need to organise

  • Transport to/from Fox Glacier (we'll provide daily transport between the DOC office and the cleanup site)

What to bring

  • Breakfast, and snack foods (tea and coffee is provided but you need your own milk)
  • A bath towel
  • Personal items
  • Clothing for the conditions, eg beanie, sunglasses, raincoat
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Drinking water and bottle
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Hand tools and gardening tools if you have them
  • Music/podcast/audiobook to listen to for the long hours (optional)
  • Thermos (optional)

What we provide

  • Lunch and dinner for each work day
  • Transport from DOC Fox Glacier Office to cleanup site
  • PPE (hi-viz vest, gloves)
  • Portaloo on site
  • Accommodation


Accommodation is shared hostel space. It is available from the night before your first work day to the night of your last day of volunteering, eg if you’re volunteering Wednesday to Friday, your accommodation will be available free of charge from Tuesday night to Saturday morning.

Final accommodation details are emailed to you at least 24 hours before your first work day.

Dogs are not allowed at the hostel or on the riverbed.


Is dinner provided the night I arrive?

No, dinner is not provided on the night you arrive. You will be given a dinner voucher at the end of each day of volunteering.

What is the minimum age for volunteers?

For health and safety reasons all volunteers must be over the age of 12. Volunteers under the age of 18 require the supervision of a parent or guardian.

How many hours per day will I be volunteering?

A typical volunteering day is from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. We meet at the Fox DOC office at 8:30 am, sign everyone in and head out to the riverbed. We have a morning break, 30 minute lunch break and afternoon break, before wrapping up rubbish collection around 3:30 pm and heading back to the Fox DOC office. You will spend around 6 hours a day picking up rubbish in the riverbed.

If it is raining, will we still be picking up rubbish?

If it's lightly raining we will still head out to the riverbed for rubbish cleanup, however we may have a shorter day. This will be at the Team Leader's discretion. If there is significant rainfall we will not be out in the riverbed as it is a health and safety risk. We will keep you updated on these decisions.

If volunteering is cancelled for the day, will we still have food and accommodation?

Yes, if rainfall means cleanup is cancelled for a day or two, you will still be provided with food and accommodation, provided you were signed up to volunteer. If significant rainfall is forecast for a period of 3+ day, the volunteering period will be cancelled in advance (you will be notified) and food and accommodation will not be provided.

If I want to have a day off, will food and accommodation still be provided?

If you are volunteering for 8 days or more, we will provide you with food and accommodation on a weekend break (two days). If you are volunteering for a shorter period, and you wish to have a day, you will be required to cover the cost of food and accommodation for the days off.


Register online, or for more information including group registration contact

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