The Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust have transferred 34 south island robins from Motuareronui/Adele Island to the national park's mainland.

Date:  18 May 2016

South island robin. Image: Shellie Evans ©.
South island robin
Image: Shellie Evans ©

Thanks to the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust, friendly robins can now be encountered in the Te Pukatea area of Abel Tasman National Park.

At the end of April, 34 robins were moved from the park's Motuareronui/Adele Island to Te Puketea near Anchorage. This is after a 30 year absence from the park's mainland coast.

The Birdsong Trust re-introduced robins to the island in 2009 where they have since flourished.

In 2012 network of around 200 Goodnature A24 resetting traps were set over 130 hectares from Pitt Head to Watering Cove. The traps have reduced rats and allowed for the return of robins. 

The trapping network was funded by environmental trust Project Janszoon and is maintained and managed by Birdsong Trust volunteers.

Watch a video that tells the story of the capture of robins on Adele Island, and their release onto the park mainland.

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