The Official Information Act (OIA) allows anyone in New Zealand to ask for official information from the government. View some of the information we've released under the OIA.

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Great Walks

Issue: Approval on the suitability of Cape Kidnappers Walking Track as a Great Walk
Date: February 2019
Ref: OIA 19-E-0045
Reponse letter 1 (PDF, 316K)

Issue: Communications about the safety of Cape Kidnappers Walking Track
Date: February 2019
Ref: OIA 19-E-0048
Reponse letter 2 (PDF, 2,179K)

Tiakina Ngā Manu

Latest information released under the OIA about about DOC’s Tiakina Ngā Manu predator control programme.

Predator control and 1080

Responses to OIA requests from 2017 and 2018 can also be found below.

Kea monitoring results

Issue: Kea monitoring results, Okarito (2011)
Date: August 2019
Ref: 19-E-0368, 19-E-037, 19-E-0374
Kea monitoring results and photos (PDF, 927K)

Predators and evidence of predation

Issue: Estimates of bird deaths from predators, photos of predation and threats by protesters
Date: January 2019
Ref: 18-E-1039
Response letter (PDF, 181K)

What is 1080?

Issue: 1080 ingredients, authorisation of use, costs of operations and safe use
Date: April 2019
Ref: 19-E-0154
Response letter (PDF, 209K)

Issue: 1080 ingredients, quality control, and biosecurity concerns
Date: April 2019
Ref: 19-E-0198
Response letter (PDF, 132K)

Insects and 1080

Issue: Effects of 1080 on invertebrates
Date: April 2019
Ref: 19-E-0156
Response letter (PDF, 1,186K)

Issue: Bees, pesticide and 1080
Date: August 2019
Ref: 19-E-0439
Response letter (PDF, 59K)

The science behind 1080

Issue: Scientific reviews
Date: August 2018
Ref: 18-E-0492
Response letter (PDF, 217K)

Issue: Biosecurity risk from using cereal 1080 in baits
Date: February 2019
Ref: 19-E-0026
Response letter (PDF, 146K)

Issue: Biodegradability of 1080 /Fluorocitrate testing
Date: February 2019
Ref: 19-E-0071
Response letter (PDF, 204K)

Issue: 1080 research, samples of 1080 in animals, and health and safety
Date: April 2019
Ref: 19-E-0153
Response letter (PDF, 147K)

Issue: Taking samples for testing and laboratory methods for 1080 residues in animals
Date: May 2019
Ref: 19-E-0200
Response letter (PDF, 108KB)

Water and 1080

Issue: Water safety and monitoring the contamination risk
Date: January 2019
Ref: 18-E-1068
Response letter (PDF, 130K)

Issue: Impact of 1080 on coastal and estuary environments in the Bay of Islands
Date: February 2019
Ref: 19-E-0005
Response letter (PDF, 279K)

Birds and 1080

Issue: 1080 Kākāriki testing
Date: January 2019
Ref: 18-E-1060
Response letter (PDF, 154K)

Issue: Kokako, kākā, kiwi and kea fertility and re-nesting
Date: January 2019
Ref: 18-E-1062
Response letter (PDF, 199K)

Issue: Kiwis and 1080
Date: February 2019
Ref: 19-E-0062
Response letter (PDF, 123K)

Issue: Kea and 1080
Date: March 2019
Ref: 19-E-0099
Response letter (PDF, 198K)

Issue: Whio and 1080
Date: July 2019
Ref: 19-E-0362
Response letter (PDF, 174K)

Issue: Kea and 1080
Date: July 2019
Ref: 19-E-0365
Response letter (205K)

Predator populations and monitoring

Issue: Mega masts, seed explosions and increase in rodent populations
Date: May 2019
Ref: 19-E-0251
Response letter (PDF, 203K)

Alternatives to 1080

Issue: Options and comparisons for trapping
Date: March 2018
Ref: 18-E-0048
Response letter (PDF, 794K)

Issue: Cost of looking for alternatives
Date: Feb 2019
Ref: 19-E-0051
Response letter (PDF, 329K)

Compensation and prosecution

Issue: Birds left on parliament steps 
Date: March 2019
Ref: 19-E-0130
Response letter (PDF, 268K)

Issue: Penalties and prosecutions for killing crayfish with toxin
Date: March 2019
Ref: 19-E-0157
Response letter (PDF, 128K)

Issue: Compensation payments for death of livestock
Date: May 2019
Ref: 19-E-0210
Response letter (PDF, 328K)

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