The Official Information Act (OIA) allows anyone in New Zealand to ask for official information from the government. View some of the information we've released under the OIA and proactively.

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Kaimahi for Nature allocation of funding

Ref: OIAD-413
December 2020

Concessions/permits for threatened New Zealand wildlife

Ref: OIAD-299
November 2020

Yearly species-specific programme budgets

Ref: OIAD-118
September 2020

PF2050 strategy and action plan proposal to government and cabinet decision

Ref: 20-B-0236
August 2020

DOC Greenhouse gas footprint and policies

Ref: 20-E-0387
August 2020

Oparara Arches and Truman Tracks

Ref: 20-E-0259
June 2020

Wild Animal Recovery Operations during lockdown

Ref: 20-E-0253
May 2020

South-East Marine Protected Area

Ref: 20-E-0150
May 2020

South-eastern South Island marine protected areas consultation
17 February to 9 April 2020 and 3 June to 3 August 2020

Fairy tern population data

Ref: 20-E-0100
February 2020

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