Archived content: This media release was accurate on the date of publication. 


Pōrangahau hapū Ngāti Kere has placed a rāhui over the area from Shelly Bay in the north down to Te Pariomahi/Blackhead Beach past the southern end of Te Angiangi Marine Reserve, following the death of a diver on Tuesday evening.

Date:  21 October 2022

The reserve covers 446 hectares of sea off the coast of Te Pariomahu/Blackhead Beach. The diver’s death occurred at Shoal Bay, just north of the marine reserve.  

Ngāti Kere has emphasised the rāhui places a restriction only on the gathering of seafood/kaimoana from the area. People can still enjoy the area for recreation such as swimming and boating.

A rāhui (physical and spiritual protection mechanism) sets a temporary prohibition around the rāhui area and limits access or activities for that period, to acknowledge the death and to express sympathy to the whānau of the deceased. 

It provides time for tapu to dissipate following a fatality, allowing time for healing and recovery of the natural elements at place as well as the people - in particular, the grieving whānau.   

DOC staff continue to work closely with Ngāti Kere hapū.


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