Boats in Huruhi Harbour
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Archived content: This media release was accurate on the date of publication. 


Boaties cruising around Coromandel’s Mercury Islands are being told to stay home as New Zealand’s COVID-19 restrictions continue.

Date:  25 August 2021

The country has been in a Level 4 lockdown since 17 August, when cases of the highly infectious Delta variant emerged in Auckland. Level 4 means everyone should stay at home, with a small number of exceptions – primarily for people considered essential workers.

Nick Kelly, the DOC Coromandel Operations Manager, says he has received reports about pleasure boats cruising around from people with properties looking out over the islands.

“We’ve got reliable information – from my staff and the crew of an essential supply vessel - about a steady stream of boats making their way to Ahuahu and the wider archipelago during this lockdown,” Nick Kelly says.

“It’s completely unacceptable. Boating and island hopping are not permitted at Level 4. People need to be adhering to the Government’s direction.

“DOC is committed to stamping out the virus and keeping communities safe from COVID-19. Anyone caught breaking the COVID-19 rules will be reported.

“The islands are not a part of boaties’ immediate ‘local area’, and access to these islands for recreational activities is not permitted.”

The public can report COVID-19 level breaches through COVID-19 compliance section of the official Government website.

As well as flagrant breaches of the Level 4 rules, unauthorised visits to pest-free islands risks compromising the biosecurity of the islands and years of conservation work.

“It’s critical people do not make landfall on predator-free islands and risk introducing pests,” Nick Kelly says.

“These islands are sanctuaries to some of New Zealand’s most endangered species which are in ‘perpetual lockdown’ to ensure their survivability.”

Further south, in DOC’s Hauraki district, Kauaeranga Valley Road (near Thames) into public conservation land has been closed. The closure is to prevent people entering the valley to go tramping or hunting in what is usually a popular conservation recreation area. The Broken Hills recreation area has also been closed to the public. The closure of the locations will remain in effect until COVID-19 alert levels drop and New Zealanders can again enjoy the outdoors beyond the immediate vicinity of their homes.

All DOC Great Walks, huts, campsites and other facilities nationwide are also closed, and people must not go hunting, fishing from boats, tramping, skiing or swimming, or do any water-based activities or other activities that expose them to danger, or which may require search and rescue services.

People are also prohibited from isolating in DOC huts, lodges or campsites.


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