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Another $500,000 will be spent on regional projects that target the country’s worst weeds.

Date:  28 June 2017 Source:  Office of the Minister for Conservation

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry says almost $500,000 extra will be spent on regional projects that target the country’s worst weeds.

“DOC will fund ten regional and district councils to do weed control projects in their communities, especially those that target our annual ‘Dirty Dozen’ weeds – identified as doing the most damage by smothering our natural landscapes and destroying the habitats of our native species,” Ms Barry says.                   

“The projects focus on weeds such as Old Man’s Beard or Spartina and intensifies efforts to keep them under control or totally eradicate them.”

“Invasive weeds threaten our native animals and plants, destroy our unique landscapes, and impact agriculture and the favourite places we like to visit.”

A key part of the regional programme is to build support and help enable to join the fight in the War on Weeds and know which plants are on this year’s Dirty Dozen list.

“Most weeds are plants in the wrong place and are exotic introduced invaders that have escaped from our gardens to invade our natural areas,” Ms Barry says.

“Councils are well placed to energise local communities to join forces on the War on Weeds because they already have their own weed control programmes and can quickly mobilise their communities into action.”

“This extra investment will accelerate and expand the work they are already doing, and enable a regional approach to managing the weeds on the annual Dirty Dozen list.”

“War on Weeds feeds into the Battle for our Birds programme and Predator Free 2050 which all aim to restore ecosystems and protect our precious natural taonga.”

Councils receiving funding:

  • Auckland Council $125,000 targeting climbing asparagus, moth plant, woolly nightshade and wild ginger
  • Bay of Plenty $12,700 to remove Spartina
  • Hawke’s Bay Regional council receives $30,000 to tackle old man’s beard and banana passionfruit
  • Gisborne District Council $24,900 to attack moth plant and Japanese honeysuckle.
  • Taranaki Regional council receives $60,000 to control old man’s beard.
  • Horizon’s regional council $100,000 for accelerate work getting rid of old man’s beard, wandering willie, Japanese honeysuckle and banana passionfruit.
  • In Marlborough $20,000 will be used on old man’s beard.
  • The Tasman district Council will use $34,800 to control banana passionfruit, old man’s beard, climbing asparagus, woolly nightshade, buddleia, Japanese honeysuckle, english ivy, wandering willie and periwinkle.
  • Environment Canterbury will use $50,000 surveying and controlling Spartina
  • Southland will spend $29,993 on removing Darwin’s barberry, old man’s beard, buddleia, Japanese honeysuckle, banana passionfruit and wandering willie.


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