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DOC Tongariro District advises hikers to use a guide for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing this winter.

Date:  25 August 2017

A cornice (an undercut ledge) has developed on Red Crater which poses an immediate hazard to hikers if they don’t recognise the danger it represents. If hikers walk onto the cornice it could collapse under them and they could fall to their death. 

The actual track across Red Crater is free of snow at present so if hikers stay on the gravel and off the snow while traversing this part of the track they will not expose themselves to risk. However, the next snow fall may obscure the safe terrain.

Guides have the correct training and experience to ensure that hikers have a safe and memorable experience within the Tongariro World Heritage Park. 

DOC also advises all visitors who are planning to complete a hike on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing to check the alpine and avalanche conditions updated by the Mountain Safety Council.

Background information

Independent hikers who have experience in using ice axes, crampons and know how to recognise and manage avalanche, hypothermia and slip hazards regularly hike the Alpine Crossing in winter.

Without these skills and experience people may expose themselves to significant risk.

To book a guided hike of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing please ring Whakapapa i-site on +64 7 892 3075.


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