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The young orca calf undergoing medical treatment in a pool on the shores of Tauranga Harbour is making encouraging progress.

Date:  05 August 2016 Source:  Orca Tactical Response Group: DOC is working with iwi, the Orca Research Trust and the local community as part of the Orca Tactical Response Group. This is the latest media release from the group.

The animal has now had several feeds and electrolytes administered and is starting to rehydrate.

It is however too early to be confident of a full recovery and successful release back into the wild.

Orca rehabilitation expert Jeff Foster said the animal is far from out of the woods and the next few days will be a critical period.

Mr Foster said during the early part of the rescue, the orca has had lots of exposure to humans which was necessary to ensure he could be worked with and would accept the medical interventions.

However, now that trust has been established, contact will be scaled back but he still requires mental stimulation and that trust maintained.

Members of the public are advised that access will be restricted and are asked to support the rehabilitation efforts by not trying to visit the site.

The Orca Research Trust Facebook page has regular status updates on the young orca. 


Steve Brightwell, DOC Partnership Ranger/Kaitiaki Manutataki
Mobile: +64  27 306 2366

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