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A new online licensing system will make it easier to get out on the water when the Taupo fishing season kicks off 1 July. From 29 June, keen anglers will be able to buy their annual licence from the comfort of their own home.

Date:  24 June 2015

Buying your licence this year has an added bonus – anglers who purchase a season licence before 31 August 2015 will automatically be in to win a great prize. 

The new online option has been introduced gradually over the last year by the Department of Conservation, in response to demand from existing and potential anglers. Online licensing offers instant accessibility and convenience, allowing people to get down to the business of fishing more quickly.

“After some initial issues the online licence system is now receiving great feedback from the public” says licence administrator Karl Schroeder, “and the key element people appreciate is the ability to purchase at home from their computer or mobile device.”

As a response to angler feedback from the past year, season licences will be available as a printed plastic card during the 2015/16 season. Designed as an easy to carry and waterproof licence, these will be mailed out to customers after they purchase a season licence.

Those who want to buy their licence over the counter are still able to do so, as many businesses that provided licence sales in the past have continued to offer this service.

Family fishing. PHOTO: Destination Great Lake Taupo.
Get the whole family out for some fishing fun. PHOTO: Destination Great Lake Taupo ©

Background information

In May 2013 the Taupo Sports Fishery went through a comprehensive review, identifying a number of recurring issues, particularly the downward trend in angler participation, both internationally and locally.

A key focus was to remove the barriers that stop people taking up the sport – one of these being the paper licensing system.The Department of Conservation, as managers of the Taupo Fishery, introduced the online licence system for the 2014-2015 fishing season as a pilot, with anglers still able to buy a paper licence.

From 1 July 2015, season and weekly licences need to be purchased using the online system. 24 hour licences can be bought both online, and also from commercial operators in the paper form.

Key reasons for the shift to online licensing:

  • Online licensing is the result of a comprehensive review process. Anglers told us this is what they want to see.
  • Online licensing offers instant accessibility and convenience.
  • Response to economic issues. Online licensing provides for administrative and compliance efficiencies and savings. This will result in re-investment in areas anglers want, such as improved access and more visible compliance.
  • Improved information and understanding about our customers, which will aid management decisions.
  • Opens the door to other licensing options eg annualised licences.


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