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Ongoing complaints about dogs at the Department of Conservation Kuripapango campsite are raising concern.

Date:  21 April 2015

The Department has received complaints that visitors are taking their dogs into the area and camping there. The dogs are often uncontrolled and roaming causing concern to the other campers.

Complaints have come from a number of people over a period of time concerned at the impact these roaming dogs were having on the area. One complainant spoke of a dog entering their tent site and stealing food. Reports this Easter said there were approximately 50 people camping and 20 dogs, most of which were allowed to roam free with nobody picking up their dogs droppings.

Conservation Manager Dave Carlton said that in response to the ongoing complaints the Department intended to increase patrols in the area.

“We want people to enjoy their stay. It seems the Kuripapango camp site had become a place to camp with your dog and this is not the case” he said. “There are two large signs at the entrance to the camp saying No Dogs and informing campers this area is a bird safe area.” This means there are vulnerable kiwi present

The Kuripapango campsite is situated approximately 60 kilometres inland from Napier. It is secluded and sheltered at the edge of the Kaweka Forest Park next to the Ngaruroro River and has become a very popular destination for Hawke’s Bay locals, especially on long weekends.


Rod Hansen, Ranger
Mobile: +64 27 801 1127

Dave Carlton, Conservation Services Manager
Mobile: +64 27 280 7850

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