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DOC is moving to update the uniform worn by more than 1,200 field-based staff around New Zealand. This will be the first time the uniform has been updated since the early 1990s.

Date:  08 June 2015

The head of DOC’s uniform review project, Roy Grose, says DOC field staff often work in tough and demanding conditions and many of the current uniform options no longer meet the demands of the job.

“Our current uniform range has developed over more than two decades, with new items added over time, making the clothing range expensive and inefficient to manage.”

“Many uniform items were also designed before high-performance outdoor fabrics were available, so they are not as durable or as functional as modern options.”

“We have staff working from the Kermadecs to the subantarctic islands. We are looking for a more consistent uniform range that can be layered for warmth, is more durable and better suited to the jobs our people do – including the many female staff now working in the field.”

Roy Grose says the new uniform will not be a major departure from the current design and will retain green as a base colour, ensuring staff remain easily recognisable as DOC rangers.

“Safety and durability will be priorities, along with a focus on features such as UV protection and high visibility.”

New Zealand and international companies will be invited to participate in the tender process and DOC is calling for early expressions of interest through the Government procurement website.

DOC expects to be able to share selected uniform designs with the public early next year, with the new uniforms phased in over a three year process.


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