DOC and the Kaharoa Kōkako Trust are celebrating the ongoing support received from PF Olsen LTD in protecting the North Island Kōkako population in the Kaharoa Conservation Area.

Date:  12 November 2014

The Kaharoa Kōkako Trust (KKT) is celebrating confirmation that PF Olsen will continue its valuable sponsorship of the Trust for another 3 years.

The Kaharoa Kōkako Trust is a group of volunteers dedicated to protecting the kōkako that live in the Kaharoa Forest. Established in 1997, the trust has worked hard to control possums and rats in the area to protect and enhance the kōkako population in the general vicinity. The trust also maintains the Kaharoa Kōkako Track which facilitates public access to the Kaharoa Conservation Area and provides a good opportunity to hear wild kōkako.

PF Olsen has been a strong supporter of KKT since 2012.

"A survey undertaken by KKT in 2008 identified kōkako living in areas of land managed by PF Olsen Ltd. Since then, we've been keen to support animal pest control in the area" said PF Olsen's Environment Manager Kit Richards. PF Olsen has also facilitated access for KKT through their forests into the Conservation Area during animal pest control operations.

In recent years, PF Olsen has also provided expertise and manpower to control wildling pines over 50 hectares within the Kaharoa Conservation Area which has greatly reduced the pine issue within the area managed for Kokako.

Department of Conservation (DOC) Partnerships Manager Helen Neale said "One of DOC's aims is to seek ways to double conservation gains through effective partnerships with businesses, iwi and the wider community. The relationship between PF Olsen and KKT is a great model where both organisations contribute to the wellbeing of the land."

The funding provided by PF Olsen contributes to the Trust's Kōkako Nest Egg – an investment fund set up to ensure the ongoing work to protect  kōkako at Kaharoa can continue into the future. Details on how you can contribute to the Kōkako Nest Egg and more information on the trust can be found on the Kaharoa Kōkako Trust website.


Kit Richards
PF Olsen Limited Environmental Manager
Phone +64 7 921 7206 

Caraline Abbot
DOC Partnerships Ranger
Phone: +64 7 349 7412

Johlene Kelly
Kaharoa Kōkako Trust
Phone: +64 7 348 9191

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