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With the onset on the hunting season, hunters are reminded to gain a hunting permit from DOC to hunt on conservation land and that spotlighting is illegal.

Date:  28 February 2013

The onset of the hunting season, better known as the ‘roar’ for hunters, is due to begin. The high season is usually from mid March through until mid May. Hunters are reminded that they need to have current hunting permits to hunt in Department of Conservation areas.

DOC staff will be out and about checking to ensure hunters have current hunting permits. This year we are taking a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to those hunting illegally in DOC areas. Hunters who do not have the required permits to hunt on DOC land will be sent away. In some cases legal action may follow. DOC hunting permits do not give a hunter the right to access or hunt on private property, and it is the responsibility of each hunter to identify the boundaries of the conservation land.   

Hunting permits are very easy to get – they are available online on the DOC website. For those not able to access the Internet, just call into your nearest DOC office and staff will assist you. The DOC website also provides maps and the most up to date information.

Always positively identity your target and when hunting with a companion, cease hunting if visual contact with that companion is lost and do not resume hunting until visual contact has been made and confirmed. A wise hunter will wear high visibility clothing that contrasts with the environment, including game.

Spotlighting is illegal on conservation land, and DOC staff and police will be continuing to monitor this activity on conservation land through the hours of darkness.

People planning a trip into the backcountry are reminded about the current fire risks. Open fires are not permitted; however, you may use gas burners for cooking.

Safety and prevention are key factors in seeing that everyone enjoys the season and our great outdoors.

Tell someone your plans and return date. For advice view the Adventure Smart website.

For more safety information view the Mountain Safety Council website.

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