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The Taupo Trout Fishery is developing a smartphone app for the modern day angler.

Date:  21 February 2013

new fishery app design displayed on a smartphone. Photo- Kim Turia.
The pocket guide app will be a useful new tool for people just starting out in the Taupo Fishery.

The Taupo Sport Fishery has embarked on a project to take the ‘oldeworlde’ sport of trout fishing into uncharted territory with the development of a smartphone app about the fishery. Designed to act as a one stop shop of tips and advice for the beginner or visiting angler, the app will provide a portable guide to help them catch more fish fast.

Mark Venman, project manager for the Department of Conservation, says “the Department has known for a while that the number of people starting out trout fishing is declining both nationally and internationally, and this initiative is designed to help show trout fishing is exciting, and easy to get started in.

"The Department’s key focus with this project is to encourage people to have a go at trout fishing, and this tool will really help, particularly with younger people who are quick to use new technology.”

The app will use GPS technology to help anglers get to the good spots, videos detailing what techniques to use and how to do them, as well as providing an easy interface with Facebook to allow anglers to quickly and easily share their pictures and tales of the one’s that didn’t get away.

“It is just one part of the drive to make more use of digital technology to help get more people to take a look at trout fishing as a fun, family activity that doesn’t cost the earth to do” says Mr Venman. “While we started this project some time ago, the recently completed review of the fishery confirmed there is a need to take a proactive approach in getting people into fishing.”

The project will be complete before the new fishing season begins in July, when anglers will be able to step into the river with a virtual fishing guide in their pockets; all aimed at helping them catch that big one. “It couldn’t come at a better time to give fishing a go”, says Mr Venman, “if what we are seeing on the lake this summer follows through into the new season. The lake is fishing so well at the moment we are hopeful of a fantastic winter and spring season when the lake fish go up the rivers to spawn.”



Kim Turia, Programme Manager, Community Relations,
Department of Conservation Taupō-nui-ā-Tia Area Office,
Ph: +64 7 3847163

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